[7+] I Hate Pitbulls

Stupid group on facebook I want removed. I dont like being pressured by friends to hug their dogs and let them lick my face.

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They have an ungodly amount of fatalitiesboth human and animal.

I hate pitbulls. This is probably the most unpopular opinion of all. THEY WERE NEVER NANNY DOGS. Theyre a shit breed and theres no reason for them to exist.

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Pit bull Holocaust Pro BSL BAN THE BREED STOP THE DEED Anti Pitbull and Pit bull owner website Pit Bulls make up 5 of the dog population but are responsible for over 70 of the fatal dog bite attacks Support pitbulldropoff. This in cause allows them to build up energyaggression which is probably going to be used in a negative manner. I dont like how they look.

Ad Tickets On Sale Today Secure Your Seats Now International Tickets 2021. I dont want a pitbull. I already wasnt a dog person but I just leave the general vicinity if theyre around.

DangerEmber on November 9 2015 310 am. I hate pitbull owners opinions of pitbulls as a pittie owner I feel like theres so much polarity about how people feel about pitbulls. Animal death by dog is caused by pitbulls over 90 of the time.

Breed traits are bred into dogs and are VERY hard to erase. Study over 12 years. Mine are somewhere in between two are mildlymoderately human reactive and one is dog reactive It drives me bonkers when pit owners correct.

Ive been bitten twice by pitbulls now. I dont want to be around them. The longer the studies go the more accurate they are.

About Press Copyright Contact us Creators Advertise Developers Terms Privacy Policy. They will try to herd ANYTHING. Runner mauled by pack of pitbulls Im hoping he survived.

On Facebook there is a page called I HATE PITBULLS I am not sure if the page was removed of if it is still up and running. You absolutely must treat any animal be that an aggressive dog or the pitbulls you hate. There is no administrator so you cant message them to ask to remove the page.

I hate Pit bulls Posted by Northwestern tiger on 52119 at 659 pm 46 20 Came across these 2 videos involving pit bulls. Skip to primary content. Theyre either vicious killing machines or nanny dogs.

Too many people take on these dogs without educating themselves. Stop the abuse and cruelty against this kind dogs. You clearly have no clue about statistical analysis.

I dont like them. She trotted down his street the street we walk Koby on when we visit it always seemed safe Well tonight for some reason a guy came home did not even look and let his 2. Tonight my husbands 13 year old sister tried taking Koby for a run.

Stop bslSave our pitbulls. Something people want to ignore but cannot if they are intellectually honest. Baron Tremayne Caple AKA.

Rainbow ManFiction And Non-Fiction Entertainment Inc. Fight the root not the stem. Its a legitimate concern.

Ad Tickets On Sale Today Secure Your Seats Now International Tickets 2021. Merely doing that will save thousands of lives. Posted by King Koby of the Treasure Coast on September 24 2009 at 949pm.

Look to thoses funking people that hate pitbulls your are the problem your talk shit about the pitbulls because your hate dogs people like that does affected this beautiful dogs. Fear is why some people hate pitbulls. A strong smart dog thats not handled properly can become an agreesive and dangerous dog.

It is not the dog it is the. On the page there are graphic pictures of dead pit bulls dead pit bulls on grills and they took pictures off peoples Facebook pages of their. Most pit bull attacks if not all occur in cities or apartment areas where the owners do not exercise their pit bulls.

Talk to ER doctors and nurses they will tell you pits send people to the ER more than any other animal. Collies Shelties border collies are herding dogs. Pit bulls are one of the most loyal the only reason they bite or attack is because the owner tought the dog to attack or guard the house you show love u get live in return you show hate they show it in return talk to a murderer approx 95 percent of the time they have been abused or taken advantage of so they lash out what they know give your head a shake and use your head to.

I dont see them as cute. I was angry and shared the screenshots on my social media and to my unpleasant surprise the only nurse I got along with so far wrote me today in angry tone that and I quote. Not all pitbulls are raised right not all owners understand their strength and intelligence.

I gets people more wound up than racism.

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